Green Heating

With the rising Oil and Lpg prices more and more people are looking at different Green technologies to heat their homes, below is list of some of the technolgies we can offer.
The Domestic RHI scheme is also NOW  available on all green Heating solutions below.
 To find more on the domestic RHI see our News section 
Pellet Boiler & Pellet Boiler Stoves.

Modern wood-burning technology can convert up to 90% of the energy content of the fuel to useful heat. This is a far cry from an open fire where 35% or less of the energy is utilised.

Most modern equipment is designed to use either chipped or pellet wood-fuel. These fuels are easier to transport and handle in comparison to logs and more importantly, can be fed automatically into the boiler, meaning less hassle and inconvenience.


We can offer a full range of boiler from compact focal pellet fired boilers to fully automated units from 5 to 50kw.


Log Gasification.


Log gasification boiler are highly effiecent log boilers that provide a full home heating solution. They do require large accumulator tanks to store the hot water but if you have your own supply of fuel its a good way to heat your house for free.


Log gasification boilers are also covered on th domestic RHI scheme. 

Ground Source Heat Pumps 


Ground source heat pumps utilise the heat from th eearth to heat your home. With heatpumps available  from 5 kW to 60 kW that can cater for the smallest residential property to light commercial buildings. By using a cascade connection it is possible to achieve an output of 540 kW.


Your energy consumption for heating could be lowered up to 75% compared to direct electricity with the use of a ground source heat pumps.


There are various ways you can run the collector pipes for your heat pumps They can be run via bore holes, verticle trenches or even placed into a moving river or pond. Give us a call to discuss options. 

Airsource Heat Pumps
Air source heat pumps can be fitted in either new builds or retro-fitted into existing properties. Heat pumps can be installed on almost any kind of terrain and come in a range of sizes to suit small, medium or large homes and even light commercial buildings.They can be docked together to produce a maximum of 180kW. You don't need a large amount of land either because air source heat pumps only require 350mm clearance from the wall (if placing it against a wall) and 1 metre of free space in front of the unit.

Solar Thermal 


Installing a solar  thermal hot water system using, is a simple upgrade that homeowners can make to protect themselves from rising energy costs.


A solar hot water system can provide between 50-90% of a households annual domestic hot water FREE from the sun making it one of the most effective ways to save money on your energy bill and also reduce your household’s carbon footprint